Rabbi Manis Friedman Returns from Israel Speaking Tour to Launch "To Win a War (The Jewish Way)" in Hebrew and English Editions

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 3:17pm UTC

Rabbi Manis Friedman Returns from Israel Speaking Tour to Launch "To Win a War (The Jewish Way)" in Hebrew and English Editions

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NEW YORK, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rabbi Manis Friedman, the most popular rabbi on YouTube and TikTok, and founder of It's Good to Know, a not-for-profit that specializes in education, has just returned from a speaking tour in Israel, where he engaged with audiences on critical issues surrounding conflict and peace. Fresh from this experience, Rabbi Friedman launches his latest book, "To Win a War (The Jewish Way)," offering profound insights into Israel's historical challenges, conflict dynamics, and the pursuit of lasting peace. This book is available in separate editions in both Hebrew and English, catering to a wider audience seeking wisdom from Jewish perspectives.

In this groundbreaking work, Rabbi Friedman draws from his recent interactions and deep insights gained in Israel. Through compelling narratives and insightful reflections, he delves into the moral complexities, ethical considerations, and enduring hopes that define Israel's experiences with conflict.

The book presents a nuanced understanding of Israel's struggles, emphasizing the imperative of self-defense and the aspiration for a brighter future. Drawing from Jewish teachings and historical examples, Rabbi Manis Friedman offers a compelling vision of resilience, justice, and compassion in adversity.

"My goal with 'To Win a War (The Jewish Way)' is to provide readers with timeless principles that can guide us towards healing and peace," Rabbi Friedman remarked. "By exploring these themes through a spiritual lens, we can gain deeper insights into conflict resolution and the human experience of war."

Readers will embark on a transformative journey, gaining profound insights into the moral imperatives that shape responses to adversity. Rabbi Manis Friedman's expertise in Jewish philosophy, combined with his digital popularity, makes this book essential for those seeking a deeper understanding of peacebuilding and resilience.

"To Win a War (The Jewish Way)" is available online and at leading bookstores in both Hebrew and English editions.

About Rabbi Manis Friedman: Rabbi Manis Friedman is a renowned author, speaker, and educator known for his expertise in Jewish philosophy, ethics, and spirituality. He serves as a distinguished lecturer at the Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies and has authored bestselling books on faith, relationships, and personal growth.

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